Program Outline

2019 Biennial Convention

THEME: “You are the Light of the World”- Matthew 5:14


Jesus saves us and sets us free to live in harmony with the Trinitarian God. We are to value this immense grace by fighting out our salvation with fear and trembling. By this we become the light of the world as we learn from Christ – the light of the world who has translated us from the Kingdom of darkness into his kingdom of light. In this world we are to conform with the words of the prophet Isaiah: “Arise and shine for thy light has come” until Jesus returns for eternity.


  1. Welcome and hospitality - 4:00pm
  2. Dinner- 6:00pm
  3. Opening prayer – Atlanta prayer group
  4. All the saints gather- Music Ministry- 7:00pm
  5. Welcome address- Rev Fr. Emmanuel Adu Addai - 7:30pm
  6. Keynote address – Dr. Samuel G. Awuah – 7:45 pm
  7. Talk 1: Return to Christ the Light of the World – Rev Fr. Fred Agyemang - 8:30pm
  8. Luminous ministration and Eucharistic adoration- 9:30pm Bro. Emmanuel Tamakloe and Rev. Fr. Emmanuel/Fr. Augustine Koomson
  9. Announcement and housekeeping – MC- 10:00pm
  10. Closing prayer and benediction- Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Adu Addai
  11. Evaluation - LCT

MC: Ohio Prayer Group


  1. Individual Quiet Time- 5:00am
  2. Preparation – 6:00am
  3. Breakfast- 7:00am
  4. Eucharistic Celebration – Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Adu Addai - 8:00am
  5. Talk 2: You are the Light of the World Rev. Fr. Fred Agyemang – 9:00 am
    • Concurrent Youth Session – Bro. Emmanuel Tamakloe
    • Concurrent Children's Session – Planning committee
  6. Ministration & prayer session- 10:00am
  7. Alone with God and My Personal Message/Letter to Jesus- 10:30am
  8. A Short Break - 11:00am
  9. Music Ministration- 11:10am
  10. Talk 3: Life in the Kingdom of Light – (Bro Anthony Osei Assibey) - 11:30am
  11. Prayer Session- 12:20pm
  12. Lunch- 1:00pm
  13. Rest and Time of Personal Reflection (“Silence Hour”)

MC - New York Prayer Group

  1. Praise & Worship - 3:00pm
  2. Fundraising - National fundraising committee - 3:10 pm
  3. Short exposition and Power Evangelization (Door-to- door outreach) - 4:30 pm
  4. Dinner- 6:30pm
  5. Talk 4: The light shines in darkness (Bro. Emmanuel Tamakloe and Team) - Healing and Deliverance- 7:30pm
  6. Closing Prayer and Benediction- 10:30pm
  7. Evaluation - LCT

MC- Virginia Prayer Group


  1. Quiet Time- 5:00am
  2. Preparation- 6:00am
  3. Breakfast- 7:00am
  4. Praise & Worship- 8:00am
  5. Eucharistic Celebration (Rev. Fr. Fred Agyemang and all priests) - 9:00am
  6. Concluding Remarks and Appreciation - Dr. Gabriel Amoateng-Boahen - 11:15am
  7. Closing Prayer and “Final Convention Blessings.”11:30am
  8. Evaluation –LCT- 12:00 Noon

MC: Chicago Prayer Group


  • Mr. Anthony Osei Assibey (Ghana)
  • Mr. Emmanuel Tamakloe (Ghana)
  • Rev. Fr. Fred Agyemang