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October 4, 2016
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October 4, 2016
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Catholic Charismatic Renewal: Identity and Contribution

First Letter (April 17th, 1895)

Most Holy Father,

A poor daughter of Your Holiness, for more than seven years, ardently wishes to express the common Father of the faithful, a strong desire, after having for a long time saved and prayed, finally decides to expose you with much appreciation.

Holy Father, the world is bad, the spirit of satan triumphs in the perverted society and a multitude of souls move away from the heart of God. In these sad conditions, the Christians don´t think to direct unanimous supplications That One who can “renew the face of the earth”.

They do so many Novenas and this is good. But, the only one that was requested by the Savior and made by Holy Mary and the Apostles, now is almost completely forgotten. Are praised by preachers all the saints, but a preaching about the Holy Spirit, who does?

Who, Oh Holy Father, can do the Holy Spirit well-known and more honored, but the Vicar of Jesus on earth, which not only the orders, but also the desires, have on the heart of the faithful a strong effectiveness? And thanks to heaven, we have seen, how the good Catholics, only because of the Pope to say a word already make it a law: law of love, and exult in obeying.

So, Holy Father, only You, can do the Christians return to the Holy Spirit, to the Holy Spirit return to us, slaughters the domain of the devil and give the desired renew the face of the earth.

And if me, miserable creature that I am, can burn to expose entirely my desire, I beg You, Oh Holiness, request to all the Bishops that parishes and dioceses, be done this year the Pentecost Novena, followed where it is possible, the preaching of the Divine Word and the teachings and exhortations that lights the minds to know the Holy Spirit and move the wills to correspond to their inspirations. Where it can not do now, could not be done all over the year, as it´s done in the time of Jubilee?

If this year, from all the parts of Christendom, arise unanimous and fervent prayers to Heaven, as it was done in Cenacle of Jerusalem, for the outpouring of the Spirit, which and how many beautiful blessings we could not get these supplications?

How about our most beloved Mother Mary who was with the apostles nine days in those blessed , and prayed with them, wouldn´t be with us also in our new Upper Room? And we do not grant early and copious mercies?

Last Year, I was fortunate to be able to offer Your Holiness, through D. Vicenzo Tarozzi, a booklet of the Holy Spirit novena, entitled “ New Upper Room”, Your Holiness, deign to accept it, and bless it, expressing the desire that the proposed union of prayer that little book for the Holy Spirit novena, produce a salutary renewal of minds and hearts. In doubt that the book has gone, annex another copy with this letter so that Your Holiness give them a new blessing for the greater good of souls.

Holy Father, another word and forgive my insistence. I ask for charity, You do quickly, the recommendation this unanimous prayer, so that more souls are not lost to the devil, but that the loss to the Good Jesus that hath purchased with His blood.

I experience the remorse of having shyness and waited so many years to expose everything that above I expose to You, my Father. Now I´m afraid to be very bold… Holy Father, give me a blessing to comfort me. A blessing to me that I desired to write so freely. A blessing for my students and for my nuns who works with me for the education of the youth, humbly as I crossed myself.

Sister Elena Guerra