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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Marriage restoration 1October 30, 2020Details
Conversion0October 28, 2020Details
Please pray for discernment of vocation for Luiz0October 26, 2020Details
For Anointing0October 20, 2020Details
Untitled0October 15, 2020Details
Health2July 16, 2020Details
Prayer request1June 2, 2020Details
Healing and Debt1May 31, 2020Details
Mind1May 30, 2020Details
Healing prayer for my wife 1May 18, 2020Details
Spiritual healing 1May 18, 2020Details
Anointing1May 5, 2020Details
Healing and Debt1April 30, 2020Details
Spiritual Struggles 1April 1, 2020Details
request1February 2, 2020Details
for Sebastian1December 18, 2019Details
Prayer Request1November 29, 2019Details
Healing and Finances1November 21, 2019Details
Gomashie Family2October 10, 2019Details
Untitled1September 13, 2019Details
Prayer for a job and release of my gratuity cheque1August 29, 2019Details
protection1August 27, 2019Details
Relationship 1August 19, 2019Details
prayer for my problem1July 20, 2019Details
To Find My Lost Things.1July 1, 2019Details
Family intentions1May 2, 2019Details
Very Urgent Prayer Request1April 17, 2019Details
Urgent Prayer Request1April 17, 2019Details
Financial1April 16, 2019Details
Financial1April 15, 2019Details
Financial1April 14, 2019Details
Untitled1April 10, 2019Details
Pray1April 4, 2019Details
Healing & Family problems1April 2, 2019Details
Deliverance & Healing2March 29, 2019Details
Family problems1March 15, 2019Details
Deliverance & Conversion1March 13, 2019Details
DELIVERANCE 1March 13, 2019Details
healing and liberation1February 9, 2019Details


1 .PRAY FOR DR.NGAMKHOLAL HAOKIP a. Financial Overflowing for Land purchase and God’s Prayer Hall Construction . b. Wisdom to solve all problems wisely and lead the people positively on the right track. c. Holy Spirit Overflowing, Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit to overcome all evil enemies. d. Removal of all curses, evils desires hatred, jealousy, and misunderstanding in family. e. Ability to accomplish all good things for the people and the Fellowship. f. Good Job with reasonable income to feed the family and poor people. g. Protection from all enemies within the family and outside the family and anywhere. h. Leadership characteristics to become the winner in all directions of life. 2. PRAY FOR JOSEPH HAOKIP a. Transformation to become a good follower of Jesus Christ. b. Ability to get good Job and the best life partnership. c. Ability and decision to love my mother Ruth Haokip. d. Decision to obey my parents and Church Leaders. e. Recovery of my stolen mobile phone soon. g. Ability to have self-control and overcome all evil activities. 3. PRAY FOR RUTH HAOKIP a. Healing of my sicknesses and blessing of my tailoring works. b. Decision to love all members of my family especially Joseph Haokip. c. Good memory power for Lhingminhoi Haokip. Above all, may God turn all our sorrows into Joy and fulfilments.



Marriage restoration

Please, pray for my family. Pray for an end to marriage separation and for marriage restoration. Pray for Emma for good health of mind and body and for academic success. Pray for Kennedy to be free from the sins of adultery and for God to remove the strange women.


Dany Boisvert
Please pray for the conversion of François-Robert Fournier. Thank you

Please pray for discernment of vocation for Luiz

Olga Dadeka
Please pray for my friend, Luiz. He is struggling with discerment of his vocation and hearing voice of God - the main struggle is about understanding if God is inviting him to religious life or family life. In the name of Jesus I declare clarity over his mind and heart. Come Holy Spirit, touch him, speak to him, heal him from wounds of the past which might have influence on him and set him free! Amen!

For Anointing

Kindly pray for me to become an Anointed Priest of Christ


2 prayer requests: 1) My best friend is having surgery tomorrow/ Thursday to have a new pacemaker and new leads put in. She is 79 and has multiple health issues. Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery. 2) I have asthma and a difficult respiratory history. The district where I teach is talking about going to full face to face teaching from the distance learning that we are doing on November 9th even though Covid is starting to spike and deaths are drastically increasing. Please pray for our district leadership and protection for my health. Thank you and God bless!!!!


Marlowe Higgins
Prayers for the well-being of every guy and girl everyone to be secured against bad, and health growing wholesome to them if they're hurt.

Prayer request

Jamal Cheatham
I’m asking for pray for KHADIJAH HARDEN that God will break the veil of darkness off her spiritual heart and spiritually deliver her from the hands of Satan.

Healing and Debt

Phil Chavez
Please Pray Healing for Hearing loss, Memory, Bad Posture, Body Pain, Blood Pressure and others )Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for Lorraine Chavez now in Jesus Name. Pray Debt be gone from Lorraine Chavez in Jesus Name. Lorraine Chavez Possessions(House,Cars,Appliances Ext.) last a 100 times longer and become newer each day now in Jesus Name. I pray for Lorraine Chavez. And Please Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle Seve Chacon.


Brian Chung
Please pray that mind drifting into a scary state ceases completely. My mind has drifted once a day the last few weeks. Please pray that it stops completely. Thank you. If for some reason it is from the Lord please pray for mercy and grace so thst it stops. I'm desperate for it to end. Thank you. I need really Christs shalom to flood my mind to keep everything ordered.

Healing prayer for my wife

Hallo! Hoping for your agreement I want to ask for your prayer with much confidence. My wife Anna Maria is seriously ill, has spastic symptoms, severe pain and needs to stay in hospital for longer time. There wasn’t found a clear diagnosis during these four years of suffering. Between these phases she is at good health, powerful and a woman and wife in faith and prayer. She is 38 years old now, and this sickness is the reason we can’t have children, because of the steady treatments and painkillers she needs it would be too risky for her to get pregnant. Please pray, pray for her healing, protection and blessings. Please pray that the roots of evil and sin may be removed, deep inner struggles may be healed, too. Please pray that the Lord may show us the way He wants us to go. Thank you, Hallelujah Yours sincerely, Dr. Werner Bruck

Spiritual healing

Christopher Evans
I ask that you would please pray for my family and I as I journey towards the direction that GOD is leading. We are presently going through various spiritual struggles. May God’s Love, Joy and Peace, fill our home. Thank you so very much!


To be filled with the power of Holy Spirit

Healing and Debt

Phil Chavez
Please Pray Healing for Hearing loss, Memory, Bad Posture, Body Pain, Blood Pressure and others )Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for Lorraine Chavez now in Jesus Name. Pray Debt be gone from Lorraine Chavez in Jesus Name. Lorraine Chavez Possessions(House,Cars,Appliances Ext.) last a 100 times longer and become newer each day now in Jesus Name. I pray for Lorraine Chavez. And Please Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle Seve Chacon

Spiritual Struggles

Christopher Evans
I ask that you would please pray for my family and I. We are going through various spiritual struggles. May God’s Love, Joy and Peace, fill our home. Thank you so very much!


David anon
Dear Lord, I am praying for David and Magda, Maria and their kids, that they would come back to You. Guide them every day and help their family to move on in love. Send your Angels to help them. Send them daily bread and protect them from evil. Amen

for Sebastian

Karolina anon
Please, pray for 17-year-old Sebastian, who is in hospital and the doctors cannot diagnose the illness. Also pray for his parents - for repentance. They all used many times alternative medicine.

Prayer Request

Therese anon
Hello: Please pray for me. That God bring the right man for me into my life (I am a younger widow, no family). For protection from this house I live in that terrifies me and a new place to live that won't terrify me. For healing, health, protection, financial security, deliverance, and the ability to have faith and trust in God. Thank you so much.

Healing and Finances

Phil Chavez
Pray for healing of my mom Lorraine Chavez's hearing,vision,excellent health,memory and finances. She takes care of great grand child grand children and they depend on her. Lorraine is also in debt which, please Pray GOD Blesses her financially so she is never in debt and Pray everything she owns (house,car,appliances, ext.) last 100 times longer than their supposed to so she won't have to replace or repair anything she owns for a long time.

Gomashie Family

kindly request the you join my family in prayer for the below intention1. Marriage partner and gift of marriage for vero, stella, feli and Joseph, 2. for us to get a God fearing Gods chosen lady to take care of my mum and for the work of our hand especially my sister that God will bless her with a new job.


manueal- healing from stage 4 cancer and her marriage. has very small children

Prayer for a job and release of my gratuity cheque

Patrick Banda
Please pray that I get new job, am jobless and struggling to feed the family, Pray also that my gratuity is released from my former boss unto me for the sustainability of the family welfare please help me to pray, May God intervene into our situation soonest


Angelica-chastity and the right future husband and salvation Daniela- salvation and healing from rejection


Leah Swanson
Please pray for me and my boyfriend Gabe. I’ve been desiring a spouse for some time. Please pray for God’s perfect will, for clarity and wisdom. Please pray no weapon formed against this relationship will stand. Please pray for courage for Gabe to move forward according to Gods will. Please pray for patience and trust for me during this difficult time of loneliness and longing and waiting for a spouse. Thank you!!

prayer for my problem

Lucia anon
I ask for prayers to overcome serious difficulties in the family and with my husband, serious economic problems and for conversion and healing.

To Find My Lost Things.

yaovi Sissuh
Pray for me that God will heal me body and spiritual.And to help me to find my lost things and to protect me from all harm.

Family intentions

Greetings, kindly send out our prayer intentions to your prayer groups to pray and intercede for our families urgent intentions please. Thank you and God bless you all in your ministry. I humbly ask for your prayers for an urgent reconciliation encounter very soon between two brothers which is affecting their families immensely. Our Lord’s blessing for a quick process on my travelling documents to approve real soon. For a brother who is desperately in need of a job and a house to rent. For a reconciliation encounter and a renewed mother and son relationship once again of a son W and his second mother B who have helped him immensely as her own. The gift of the holy spirit upon my boss and her associates to enlighten their minds to give me my old job back. Our Lord’s abundant blessings and graces upon our sister who is going through difficult times at the moment. Thank you indeed from the heart God bless

Very Urgent Prayer Request

Dwi anon
My name Dwi. Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayers and miracles. My parents forsake me and just thinking about themselves so that my life and future is messed up. Their cousin cheated and stole their property. Then when my life was better I usually helped my older sister financially but now she wants to take over all the properties of our parents. She stole the money that can be used for the medical and treatment of our father who was terminally ill. Even she with my younger brother instead wanted our father who was terminally ill that his life be terminated, rather than given treatment. Until finally our father passed away, my older sister never cease slandering me. I was without a job when I had to take care of our father. I am very poor after our father passed away. I need prayer in order to obtain employment and recovery from illness. I also want to have a charge to complete my studies at the university without any problems. Although I've been a long time don't attend study since does not have a charge.

Urgent Prayer Request

Pamela Ewing
Please please pray that all of my things are returned to me that was stored in Unit 22 at Jennings Storage Center by the Manager Chris. Please.


Charles Fredericks
Please pray for peace for me and my family. Please also pray for my wife and I should not head for divorce. And misunderstanding should be removed from us.


Charles Fredericks
Please pray for restoration of finances and customers in my business.


Charles Fredericks
Please pray for money and customers to be returned to me .


Karolina anon
Please pray for healing of my bones, for strong faith for me, for Holy Spirit for me and my family.


Please for financial breakthrough in my business and for 100 customers in my business. Charles India

Healing & Family problems

Dany Boisvert
Please pray for the healing of my aching knees, back, heel, arthritis, depression, sinus infection and our broken family. Thank you

Deliverance & Healing

Dany Boisvert
Please pray for the healing of my wife's (Gina Fracas Boisvert) chest pain and deliverance from cigarette smoking. Thank you

Family problems

Dany Boisvert
Please pray for my wife and I (Dany & Gina Boisvert) that God may forgive our sins, restore our health and broken family. That our daughters Jessica, Vicky and Priscilla may be delivered from the sects they belong to, convert to the catholic faith, and that God may expose every demon and wolf from these sects and its members. In Jesus Name Amen! Thank you

Deliverance & Conversion

Dany Boisvert
Please pray for the healing of Denis Fracas, that God may relieve him from suffering. Thank you.


Pray for Patricia Anne and Murugan Babu as John and hemawathy sending spell witchcraft and evil spirit at night to us to disturbe us blocking our job finance and marriage .. Please pray for complete deliverance for us and for our protection.. As their sending evil spirit to kill us in accident .. Please Pray for a life partner for Patricia Anne and Murugan Babu. For Murugan Babu salvation and repentance

healing and liberation

I am ill with Meniere Syndrome in the left ear and can become bilateral. I'm almost deaf from this ear and I'm only 40 years old. I ask for prayers of healing and release. Prayers of inner healing and emotional traumas.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.